We believe that education is a basic human right and that every child in the world deserves the opportunity to attend school so that they can brighten their future. Blue Kitabu believes that by providing schools and communities with viable business models, we can reduce or eliminate aid dependence and promote sustainability.

Blue Kitabu works with communities and community leaders to build educational infrastructure, needed business and markets, materials and teacher training for the most vulnerable populations.  This is all done with the expectation that our students will become citizens of consequence when presented with the right opportunities.

Blue Kitabu primarily works in sub-Saharan Africa.


Pathfinder International Academy in Asebu, Ghana is up and continuing to run successfully!  Above are some photo updates as of June, 2014.  The school administration has started the construction of a junior high school in addition to the current Pre-K thru 6th grade levels.  

Blue Kitabu
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